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RFID vs. Barcode – Advantages and Disadvantages

RFID and Barcode technology are two different approaches used for asset tracking or inventory tracking. Each have advantages and disadvantages. William Frick offers services relevant to both RFID and barcode labeling. Knowing the difference can help companies determine which method is best for their customers. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Radio waves are used …

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Photo of a TriView Test Station in use by a locator

How Can I Speed Up Locating Time?

Accurately locating buried utilities will help prevent costly damages as well as prevent needless hassle. These five components can help ensure the locate is done accurately and efficiently. 1) The Wire Using an extra high-strength copper clad steel tracer wire can provide locators an accurate read on the location and depth of the buried cable.  Read More
Rhino Product Spotlight video thumbnail for the TriView Sleeve

Rhino Product Spotlight Videos

Want a crash course on Rhino’s marking product line? Check out the videos below as the Rhino team breaks down each product in 60 seconds or less.  MARKER POSTS Highly visible and durable upright marker posts that are the ideal choice for marking your utilities along the ROW. Play TriView Marker Post Play Fiberglass Marker Read More
Trident Site Companies Rhino Image

Rhino Markers is now part of Trident Solutions

We have some very exciting news.  The Rhino family has gotten bigger. A lot bigger.  We are pleased to introduce Trident Solutions! Trident is an assembly of four leaders in the safety marking industry: Presco Polymers, William Frick, Pro-Line Safety, and Rhino Marking & Protection Systems.  We aspire to be The Avengers, but of damage prevention.  Read Full Press Release Read More
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