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Acoustical Film Feature
Acoustical Film
Acoustical film offers supreme sound absorption when wrapped around sound panels used in theaters and concert venues. 26 c...
Agricultural Film Feature
Agricultural Film
Forestry and Agricultural film is engineered to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and It has a cold crack tole...
Architectural Film Feature
Architectural Film
Architectural film is 100% recyclable and typically used in situations where outdoor performance and quality is a priority...
Cinema Film Feature
Cinema Screen Film
Used in movie theaters all around the world, Cinema film is a thin PVC film that is formulated specifically to meet the sp...
CIPP Vinyl
Cured In Place Pipe TPU can repair broken, leaking, or corroded underground pipes without any digging or excavation. This...
Consumer Vinyl Feature
Consumer Vinyl
Versatile and customizable PVC film can be customized to meet specific regulations and is used to make thousands of consum...
Convention Film Feature
Convention Film
A favorite in the convention and decorating markets, convention film is formulated to meet flame resistance requirements w...
Flooring Vinyl_Feature
Floor Covering Vinyl
Floor covering vinyl is formulated without heavy metals or phthalates, and is offered in a wide range of rigidity options...
Industrial Film Feature
Industrial Film
Industrial film is used in a wide variety of applications including automotive, agriculture, and construction. 100% recycl...
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Engineered Film Company

At Trident Solutions, we’re America’s top provider of a diverse range of utility equipment. One of the many products businesses rely on us for is our engineered film, which is a vinyl sheet designed to be strong and sturdy. When you work with our engineered film company, you’ll have access to all the film products you need for success.

Where to Buy Engineered Film

Vinyl Film Manufacturer

As an engineered film company, we make it our priority to supply businesses like yours with the necessary film products to keep your operations running and maintain safety. However, our dedication to safety includes more than just the high-quality strength of our engineered film options. The products produced and supplied by our vinyl film manufacturer are designed especially to meet the safety and health standards of their respective industries. Whether it’s medical film or mining film for brattice cloth, you can trust that our products will surpass your expectations and fulfill the safety requirements your business must adhere to.

PVC Film Manufacturer

We produce our engineered film with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is a strong chemical compound used in a multitude of applications around the world. The versatility of PVC allows it to be used in numerous products, including the film created by our engineered film company. Thanks to the flexibility of PVC formulates, we’ve been able to supply a wide assortment of film options that have a great degree of customization available. No matter what industry your company is in, you can rely on us to be your PVC film manufacturer and supplier.

Industrial Film Manufacturer

Our large assortment of engineered film products is used in many industrial applications. From construction and agriculture to automotive and many more, we’re an industrial film manufacturer and supplier that numerous businesses across North America rely on. Our trusted industrial film is 100% recyclable as well, making it an environmentally conscious product.

In addition, our engineered film company offers a variety of options for custom formulation so companies can acquire film that satisfies their unique needs. These customization choices include varying colors, antimicrobial properties, UV resistance, plasticizers to resist high temperatures, dulling agents, and several other options. Some industrial film products also have customizable lengths and widths, so you can procure the perfect specifications for your industry.

For High-Quality Engineered Film Products, Call Us Today!

Regardless of what industry you work for, you can always depend on the quality of our engineered film. Trident Solutions understands how integral our film products can be to your continued safety and successful operations, which is why we’re dedicated to supplying only the highest-quality film available.

In addition to our engineered film, we provide businesses throughout the country with many professionally-made identification and marking products. Reach out to learn more about these products and how they can help promote safety at your workplace.

Do you have a question about our engineered film company or the products we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact Trident Solutions today for more information.