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Locking Barrel Connector View # 1
Locking Barrel Connectors
The Locking Barrel Connector’s innovative twist and lock design allows for simple, more efficient wire connecting. Simply...
Pipe Burst MTS Connectors
MTS Connectors
MTS Connectors (Mainline-to-service Connectors) can easily be installed in as little as one minute, and they eliminate the...
PRO TRACE Three Way Trace Wire Connector
Pro-Trace TW Connector
Pro-Trace TW Connector was engineered specifically for tracer wire. The silicone filled connector is used to splice or bra...
Tracer Lock Connector Feature
TracerLock Connector
The TracerLock Connector is used for connections to underground tracer wire systems and is engineered for direct-bury appl...
Twist Connectors Regular
Twist Connectors
Twist connectors are ideal for splicing lines. All connectors are waterproof and corrosion proof, and the dielectric silic...
Twist On with Strain Relief Connector
Twist On with Strain Relief Connector
Twist on with Strain Relief Connectors are ideal for connecting wire in direct bury applications. Simply twist wires with...
Wire Nut & Tube Connector Feature
Wire Nut & Tube Connector
Wire Nut & Tube Connectors are filled with a dielectric silicone that waterproof your connection. The snap-fit lid pro...