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Flat Post Anchor Barb Feature
Flat Post Anchor Barbs
Installed on flat fiberglass posts to prevent vandalism.
ISO Switch Feature
The Iso-Switch is a smart technology that provides direct connection for locate technicians through an integrated, water-p...
Pilot Hole Driver Feature
Pilot Hole Driver
Utilized for flat marker posts, the pilot hole driver is designed to break up hard ground.
Pro Trace Ground Rod
Pro-Trace Ground Rod
The Pro-Trace ground rod is designed for use with locating tracer wire systems. The 1.5 lb magnesium rod can be easily dri...
PRO TRACE Three Way Trace Wire Connector
Pro-Trace TW Connector
Pro-Trace TW Connector was engineered specifically for tracer wire. The silicone filled connector is used to splice or bra...
U-Channel Post
Steel U-Channel
1.12 lb. U-channeled posts are ideal for mounting utility warning signs, TriView® Sleeves, or TriView® Extensions. 2 lb. p...
Tracer Lock Connector Feature
TracerLock Connector
The TracerLock Connector is used for connections to underground tracer wire systems and is engineered for direct-bury appl...
TriView Anchor Driver Feature
TriView Anchor Driver
The TriView Soil Anchor is designed for easy install and works in many types of soil conditions. Not ideal for extremely r...
TriView Soil Anchor Feature
TriView Soil Anchor
Eliminate the need to dig a hole to install the TriView. The TriView slides into anchor and locks in place.