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Rhino 3-Rail Colors
3-Rail Fiberglass
Rhino’s 3-Rail fiberglass composite post uses the industry standard profile. It’s our most drivable fiberglass marker and...
4-Rail Brown Feature
4-Rail Fiberglass
The Rhino 4-Rail™ is the industry’s second most popular profile topped only by our 3-Rail Fiberglass Post. It’s design all...
4 SoilMarker Colors
4″ SoilMarker
The 4" SoilMarker provides a highly visible, low-profile warning for areas where upright posts are not practical. Can be w...
7 SoilMarkers Colors
7″ SoilMarker
The flush-mounted 7" SoilMarker is a highly visible and low profile for where upright posts aren’t practical. Can be walke...
811 Reflective Patch Decals
811 Patch Decal
A 3" patch decal with the 811 logo on it reminding everyone to call before they dig.
A Tag Colors
Brightly colored, highly visible low-profile utility marker. Can be directly installed into asphalt or concrete and they a...
Vinyl Signs
Adhesive Vinyl Sign
Pressure sensitive vinyl signs are printed on permanent acrylic adhesive and is suitable for all-purpose application to mo...
Aerial Cable Marker 2
Aerial Cable Marker
Highly visible Aerial Cable markers provide quick identification of cables during maintenance or emergencies, and they can...
Aluminum Composite Signs
Aluminum Composite Signs
Our Aluminum Composite Signs (ACM) are made of two thinly sliced sheets of aluminum thermo-bonded to a polyethylene core....
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Utility Marking Products

Trident Solutions is a leading provider of safety and utility marking equipment in the United States. As with all our other safety equipment, you can trust that the utility marking products we supply promise superior quality and offer the visibility your company needs.

Utility Line Markers

At Trident Solutions, we offer a wide range of industrial post markers for businesses throughout the country. These utility marker posts come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from our fiberglass composite posts with pointed ends for easier installations to our dome-shaped marker posts, which offer visibility from multiple angles. Our selection of posts is perfect for usage as utility pipe marker posts, cable line markers, and countless other safety applications.

Underground Buried Cable Markers

Are you looking for a way to give your underground utilities an extra line of defense against excavation damage? Then our selection of buried cable markers can help. Our underground detectable and non-detectable marking tapes are specially designed to be buried above important utility installations, meaning they have the durability to endure subterranean conditions. Plus, like many of our other utility marking products, our underground tape can be customized to meet your unique specifications.

Surface Above-Ground Markers

If you need a way to create long-lasting visibility for a buried utility line, then Trident Solutions has you covered. We supply a large assortment of above-ground markers, which each offer their own benefits. For example, our pavement decals can be applied to asphalt and concrete surfaces, while our SoilMarkers can be used in situations where upright posts aren’t as practical – plus, these utility marker posts have the durability to withstand being driven over. Regardless of which surface markers best meet your needs, you can rely on their bright colors and clear text to provide the necessary above-ground visibility for below-ground utilities.

Utility Marking Flags

Some of the many utility marking products available at Trident Solutions are flags. Our company supplies a diverse assortment of marking flag options, from solid colors to stripes, meaning that you’ll be able to find and create custom designs that will satisfy your safety requirements. One of the varieties we offer is our day/night utility marking flags, which utilize bright inks and patterns for superior visibility throughout the day and night. In addition, our flags are made to be resilient and withstand wind tears, so you can trust them to last in harsh outdoor conditions.

Utility Marking Products

Whether you need markers above-ground for electrical lines or utility pipe marker posts, you can always find the visibility products you need at Trident Solutions. We’re a top supplier for marking products across the United States, so your business can always count on us to provide the equipment you need to promote safety in the field.

In addition, we supply numerous other marking solutions for companies. If you’re interested, browse our other products below:

For more information on our selection of utility marking products, give Trident Solutions a call today.