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Tracer Wire Feature 5
Copper PE30 & PE45
Copper PE30/PE45 is a soft drawn annealed tracer wire made from oxygen free copper cathode. It has fantastic flexibility a...
Tracer Wire Feature 2
Copper THHN & TFN/TFFN is a soft drawn annealed tracer wire made from oxygen free copper cathode. It has fantastic flexibi...
Tracer Wire Feature 3
Copper TWU/UF
Copper TWU/UF is a soft drawn annealed tracer wire made from oxygen free copper cathode. It has fantastic flexibility and...
Tracer Wire Feature 1
Pro-Trace HDD-CCS PE 45
Pro-Trace HDD-CCS PE 45 features a higher break-load and tensile strength compared to solid copper. Designed for direction...
Tracer Wire Feature 4
Pro-Trace HF-CCS PE30/PE45
The Pro-Trace HF-CCS PE30/PE45 tracer wire embodies the flexibility and memory of solid copper while still being stronger...
Tracer Wire Feature Medium
Pro-Trace HS-CCS PE30/PE45
HS-CCS PE30/PE45 tracer wire strikes a perfect balance of strength and flexibility compared to solid copper while minimizi...
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Tracer Wire For Electrical, Underground Utilities, and More From Trident Solutions

Tracer wire, an integral part of many utility installations, has been transforming the way we locate and trace underground utilities. With the advent of Trident Solutions, acquiring top-quality tracer wire has become easier than ever. Our tracer wires are designed with precision to cater to different utilities, including electrical, telecommunication, gas, and water lines.

What Is Tracer Wire?

Before we delve deeper into the various applications and benefits of tracer wires, let’s take a brief moment to understand what they are. Tracer wires, also referred to as electrical tracer wires, are specifically designed wires laid along with underground utility lines. These wires are usually copper or copper-clad steel, which are highly conductive, allowing them to carry a signal that can be detected from above the ground. This enables utility workers to easily locate and follow the path of the utility line without resorting to potentially damaging excavation or digging.

The Benefits of Using Tracer Wire

Using tracer wire brings in an array of benefits. Firstly, the use of tracer wire makes the detection of underground utilities easy and accurate. This is crucial in avoiding any inadvertent damage to the utilities during any excavation work. A common example of this can be seen in gas line tracer wire installations where precision is of utmost importance to prevent gas leakages.

Secondly, Tracer wires like the water line tracer wire are a cost-effective solution for tracing buried utilities. With a simple tracer wire system in place, the need for expensive ground-penetrating radar systems or similar equipment is eliminated.

Furthermore, the use of copper tracer wire ensures high conductivity and corrosion resistance. Copper is commonly used due to its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to environmental corrosion.

However, the option of Copper Clad Steel tracer wire offers the flexibility and memory of copper at a lower cost. Copper Clad Steel or CSS tracer wire is lighter than copper, has greater longevity and has no theft value and is equal in signal performance. CSS tracer wire’s cold rolling formation, combined with a protective coating, prevents flaking, cracking, breaking and abrasion. CSS has a 43% higher break load than copper wire.

Underground Tracer Wire Applications

Tracer wires have widespread applications across various utility industries. Be it for marking the path of buried utility lines, safeguarding golf course sprinkler systems, or indicating the route of buried plastic pipes, tracer wires prove their mettle. In fact, the American Public Works Association recommends the use of tracer wires for efficient utility tracking.

Tracer wires are also widely used in irrigation systems, directional drilling applications, and pet containment. They enable easy detection of utilities, avoiding any accidental damage during the drilling process. This makes them invaluable for industries where underground utilities play a significant role.

Our Products

At Trident Solutions, we offer a wide range of products including tracer wire, tracer wire connectors, and tracer wire test stations. Our tracer wires come in various colors, with yellow typically used for gas lines, green for sewers, and blue for water lines. Our products are compliant with industry standards and promise longevity and excellent performance.

We also offer HIT kits, marketing products, and engineered film, which can be viewed in detail in our digital catalog. Product offerings include:

  • Copper tracer wires
  • Copper Clad Steel tracer wires
  • Pro-Trace ground rods to complete the circuit for high signal strength
  • Pro-Trace connectors to splice or branch off multiple tracer wires
  • Tracer-Lock connectors for connections to underground tracer wire systems
  • Twist connectors for splicing lines
  • Main line to service MTS connectors for connecting services to the main line

Buy Tracer Wire From Trident Solutions Today!

In the world of underground utilities, the role of tracer wire cannot be understated. From ensuring safety during excavation to helping utility industries save resources, tracer wires are game-changers. With Trident Solutions, you not only get access to high-quality tracer wire, but also a range of other utility marking products. By understanding your unique requirements, we ensure you get the right product every time.

Why wait? Buy your tracer wire from Trident Solutions today. We cater to a variety of single conductor wire needs and guarantee top-quality products that will cater to your unique requirements.

Whether it is for underground tracer wire, grounding rods, or tracer-lock connectors, our diverse product range will not disappoint. Visit our online store today and make the smart choice for your utility tracing needs.

Should you need more information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you.