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Iso-Switch provides direct connection for locate technicians to hook their transmitter too within a tracer wire system. It simplifies the locating setup, saving time and labor without the hassles of manipulating terminal hardware. This item is designed for several different types of access points.

  • Iso-Switch TracePit fits the Tracer Pit Test Station
  • Iso-Switch Tracer Posts first the TriView, Rhino Dome, and Hideout Test Stations
  • Iso-Switch Handhole is designed for handholes and vaults with and without a busbar
  • 5 stainless steel terminals (4 Tracer & 1 Ground) allow direct connection to individual tracer wire legs
  • Water resistant switch eliminated the need to manipulate connections in the field
  • Routes signal along desired path to any point in the tracer wire system
  • Reduces times and simplifies labor associated with locating
Brand: Pro-Line Safety

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