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October 2021

Press Release: Trident Solutions

Press Release: Trident Solutions

Presco Polymers Opco, Inc. (“Presco”) announced the formation of “Trident Solutions” to better represent its expanded portfolio of companies. The recent acquisition of Pro-line Safety Products, William Frick & Co., and Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, combined with the Presco Marking Products and Presco Engineered Films businesses, collectively form Trident Solutions. Trident Solutions is a… Read More

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Marking Minute A Closer Look at Copper Clad Tracer Wire

Marking Minute: A Closer Look at Copper-Clad Tracer Wire

  Although not many people outside of the construction industry know anything about copper-clad tracer wire, this hard-working but under-appreciated tool certainly deserves more praise. This type of tracer wire consists of a steel core that is metallurgically bonded to an outside casing of copper, which makes it much better than copper wire for locating

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