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October 2021

Press Release: Trident Solutions

Press Release: Trident Solutions

Presco Polymers Opco, Inc. (“Presco”) announced the formation of “Trident Solutions” to better represent its expanded portfolio of companies. The recent acquisition of Pro-line Safety Products, William Frick & Co., and Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, combined with the Presco Marking Products and Presco Engineered Films businesses, collectively form Trident Solutions. Trident Solutions is a… Read More
Sign Graphic saying Deep Freeze Warning

6 Tips to Combat the Polar Blast

If you’re sitting at home buried under seven variations of blanketing, praying for warmth in the hopes of one day feeling the pure joy of an actual heat source once again, you are not alone. With over two million (if not more) Texans experiencing power outages and frozen pipes on the cusp of bursting, it’s no wonder Read More