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Excavator digging by a tree and concrete with barricade tape fencing in the site.

Trench Safety Month: Raising Awareness

Trench safety month is observed every year in June. It is a month dedicated to raising awareness about the hazards involved in trenching and excavation work. The goal is to promote safe work practices and prevent accidents and fatalities from occurring on the job site.

Digging trenches and excavating is common in many industries such as construction, mining, and utilities. However, these activities involve significant risks and hazards that must be managed and mitigated to ensure the safety of workers.

One of the major hazards of trenching and excavation work is cave-ins. The soil around the trench or excavation can collapse and trap workers, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Protective systems such as shoring, shielding, and sloping must be implemented according to OSHA standards to prevent cave-ins.

Another hazard is the risk of struck-by incidents, where workers can get hit by falling objects or equipment. To prevent these incidents, workers need to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and establish barricades around the work area with products such as barricade tape, safety skirts, safety fences, and pennant flags.

Trench safety month aims to promote the best safety practices and encourage employers to invest in proper protective equipment, damage prevention products, and training for their workers. Employers are also encouraged to create a safe work environment by conducting regular safety audits and inspections, identifying hazards, and taking necessary corrective actions.

Emphasizing the importance of trench safety not only protects the workers but also improves the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. Safe work practices lead to fewer accidents, reduced downtime, and improved morale among employees.

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