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URD Feature Image
Blank Underground URD Cable Tags
Made of rigid vinyl material. Non-Corrosive. Tamper resistant. Write on with pen or pencil. Tags sold in package of 50. Ki...
Underground Residential Transmission Tags URD Feature
Blank Underground URD Cable Tags – Self Laminating
Made of rigid vinyl material with a weather proof, tamper proof self laminating. Non-Corrosive. Write on with pen or penci...
Phase Tags
Phase Tags
Phase Tags are used to identify electrical power systems. Phase tags are manufactured on UV resistant polyethylene materia...
Wire and Cable Identification Tags Feature
Wire & Cable Identification Tags
These durable plastic tags are used to label individual wire, or cable bundles. They come in two sizes with multiple color...
Industrial Pack Wire Marker Books
Wire Marker Books
Wire Marker Books are made of a high quality cloth material with a strong adhesive designed to assure a firm long lasting...
Jumbo Cable Wire Marker Cards
Wire Marker Cards
Solid letter and number wire markers are configured 36 markers per 1.5” cards. Markers will not slip or slide, legends pri...