Wire Marker Cards

Pre-printed, solid letter and number markers are configured 36 markers at 1.5” high or 72 markers at 0.75” high. Markers are mounted on 9.25” x 2” cards. Card #LWM-T10 (legend: 10) is configured to have 25 and 50 markers per card respectively.

  • Markers will not slip or slide.
  • Legends printed with permanent Black ink on White background.
  • Adhesion to steel is 40 oz. per inch with a temperature range of -40°F to 250°.
  • Applications: For indoor use only to mark wire and cable.
  • Material: Vinyl impregnated cloth with permanent adhesive on lay-flat, easy release liner.
  • Sold in packages of 25 cards.
Brand: LEM

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