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TriView Post Colors
The TriView® is the industry’s best marker for creating awareness of buried facilities and reminding excavators to call be...
Wire Nut & Tube Connector Feature
Wire Nut & Tube Connector
Wire Nut & Tube Connectors are filled with a dielectric silicone that waterproof your connection. The snap-fit lid provide...
Twist On with Strain Relief Connector
Twist On with Strain Relief Connector
Twist on with Strain Relief Connectors are ideal for connecting wire in direct bury applications. Simply twist wires with...
Tracer Wire Feature Medium
Pro-Trace HS-CCS PE30/PE45
HS-CCS PE30/PE45 tracer wire strikes a perfect balance of strength and flexibility compared to solid copper while minimizi...
Pipe Burst MTS Connectors
MTS Connectors
MTS Connectors (Mainline-to-service Connectors) can easily be installed in as little as one minute, and they eliminate the...
Twist Connectors Regular
Twist Connectors
Twist connectors are ideal for splicing lines. All connectors are waterproof and corrosion proof, and the dielectric silic...
Locking Connector
Locking Barrel Connectors
Locking Barrel Connectors have an innovative twist and lock design allowing for more efficient wire connecting. No strippi...
Isolation Lever Feature
Isolation Lever
The Isolation Lever Test Station provides easy access for locating technicians, eliminating the removal of bonding and gro...
Decals Feature Image
Vinyl Marker Post Decal
Printed on a high tack adhesive, marker post decals are specifically engineered for outdoor use. The artwork and legends a...