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Sign Graphic saying Deep Freeze Warning

6 Tips to Combat the Polar Blast

If you’re sitting at home buried under seven variations of blanketing, praying for warmth in the hopes of one day feeling the pure joy of an actual heat source once again, you are not alone. With over two million (if not more) Texans experiencing power outages and frozen pipes on the cusp of bursting, it’s no wonder Read More
TriView and Pedestal

Protecting Fiber Optic Cable in Rural Areas

It can be very difficult to protect buried fiber optic cable in rural areas, especially on or near farmland. Farmers may not always request a locate via or by calling 811, so highly visible above ground warning markers and signs are extremely important. To be effective, the farmer or road maintenance crews must be Read More
Locator testing a TriView Test Station

5 Components for Fast & Efficient Locates

Accurately locating buried utilities will help prevent costly damages as well as prevent needless hassle. These five components can help ensure the locate is done accurately and efficiently. 1) The Wire Using an extra high-strength copper clad steel tracer wire can provide locators an accurate read on the location and depth of the buried cable.  Read More