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TriView Ultimate Locate Post

The TriView Ultimate Locate Post™ is the only self-grounded post in the industry.  It comes pre-wired, allowing locators to hook up without removing the cap or creating a ground.

  • Two external terminals
  • One external lug
  • Grounded Locate Plate
  • Aluminum plate
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Removable cap that locks into place
  • Industry standard 11-hole terminal board
  • Copper ground lug at bottom of the post
  • Made with RhinoPoly® – our proprietary blend of thermoplastics
  • UV Stable, designed for 10+ years of outdoor use with our 10-year warranty
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Brand: Rhino


48″ | 54″ | 60″ | 66″ | 72″ | 78″ | 84″ | 90″

  • Standard Post Colors:

    Alternative Post Colors:

  • Standard Cap Color:

    Alternative Cap Colors:

Custom colors are available, contact us for details.

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