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LTP Reflective Numbers & Letters

Low Temperature Prismatic or LTP Reflective Numbers & Letters utilize a special adhesive backing that is manufactured to withstand cold conditions. The pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to Engineer Grade reflective film for high nighttime visibility.

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Applicable Codes: Meets ASTM D4956 Type 1, Class 4.
  • The material is vandal-resistant and shreds when tampered with.
  • All markers have optical lens elements enclosed with a transparent resin that has a smooth outer surface.
  • The sheetings are intended to have a similar appearance when viewed in the daylight or by retroreflective light at night.
  • Low temperature applications. Applied at 10°F as opposed to standard reflective materials that are a 65°F application requirement.
  • Material: Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting on White Polyethylene Coated Paper Stay-Flat Liner.
Brand: LEM

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