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Extremely Heavy Duty Labels

This label is as tough and attractive like a nameplate but without the cost. It combines a high strength, high performance adhesive with a heavy polyester laminate that makes it suitable for applications requiring superior abrasion resistance and/or peel resistance on metal, plastic or painted surfaces. The thick laminate protects against impact, peeling and tearing. Parts of the label can be pre-printed with constant or variable information.

High Temperature Label:
This label can survive from a low of -40°F & up to 302° F, which makes it ideal for harsh outdoor environments and industrial applications.

Waterproof Label:
The thick polyester laminate gives this label a very high water resistance at a low cost.

  • Material: Polyester Base Material with Heavy Duty Polyester Laminate.
  • Water, UV and abrasion resistant
  • High-temperature label
  • Available in all colors
SKU WFS-OS-0001 Category
Brand: William Frick

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