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What’s the difference between PVC Film and TPU?

Sustaining and repairing underground water and sewer pipes is a challenge worldwide. Lines break for numerous reasons; the leading causes are corrosion, movement, water pressure, and weather conditions. CIPP (Cured in-placed pipeline) is a safe, efficient method used to repair existing pipelines that help avoid digging up the damaged pipe. TPU and PVC felt materials are used in the CIPP process. At Trident, our Engineered Films division plays a vital role in the CIPP technology using TPU and PVC.

What is TPU?

TPU is the abbreviation for Thermoplastic Polyurethane. TPU can be found in daily used materials such as toys to sporting goods; however, did you know that TPU liner is also universal in the medical industry? TPU is known for having excellent performance and physical strength, not to mention it’s less harsh for the environment. TPU offers excellent protection against chemicals to many cleaning agents used in hospitals to minimize hospital-acquired infections

What is PVC FILM?

PVC is the abbreviation for Poly Vinyl Chloride. PVC film is well-known as a widely produced synthetic resin. PVC, or vinyl film, can be used in various forms and finishes. PVC is used in our felt material to make anti-corrosion pipes, pipe fittings, oil pipelines, and more. PVC is used in fabrics yet can be used in daily construction. With a lifetime estimated span of 100 years, PVC is still being used in films today

What’s the big deal?

The resistance quality of TPU is making a name for itself. TPU makes it suitable for applications in rugged environments. Using TPU in our CIPP lining process is essential because of the low-temperature resistance and strong resilience. TPU exceeds PVC when it comes to softness and elasticity. It can easily be stretched twice the length. Another advantage is TPU can be broken directly. Environmental protection is outstanding when it comes to TPU. There are no phthalates or plasticizers, even biocompatibility with the human body.

TPU is found in our everyday life; most of us are oblivious to its surroundings. TPU is versatile, safe, and critical when it comes to the CIPP lining industry. TPU can be used in many industries and is trusted with high performance and longevity. Contact us to learn more.