Use BABA Act Compliant Products to Save

The Pipeline Remarking Playbook

Remarking projects happen each year across the country any time there is new ownership of the pipeline or facility, a change in contact information such as a phone number, changes in regulations, or messaging fading over time. Failure to update/remark signage can result in being out of compliance with federal regulations and the facility operator will be subject to fines. Avoid the fines by checking out our complete lineup of Marking Products and save by using our retrofit solutions.

Retrofitting is the reutilization of existing infrastructure, so by upgrading or refurbishing existing markers, the need for extensive new installations is minimized. Retrofitting is more efficient, cost-effective, sustainable, and safe. Trident Solutions has several products that were specifically created to retrofit existing marker posts and save facility operators countless hours in the remarking process.

Retrofitting Solutions

How to Retrofit a Flat Post or TriView

The TriView XL has a larger profile and is designed to slide over existing flat posts as well as regular Rhino TriView® Marker Posts. Installing these over existing markers takes less than 30 seconds.

Retrofit U-Channel Posts or Round Pipes

The TriView Sleeve is designed to be slid over U-channel posts or round pipes. In remark projects where there is outdated signage on a U-Channel, the TV Sleeve is a significant upgrade because it requires less hardware to install, and then offers 360˚ visibility of the warning message.

How to Retrofit a Dome Post

Easiest alternative to replacing old or worn out dome or bullet style marker posts. Instead of taking the time to pull old posts out of the ground and install new ones, RhinoDome Wrap™ provides a more legible and clear warning message in a fraction of the time.

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