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Hazardous Materials Labels

LEM hazardous materials tags are designed to outline the name of the chemical or material, precautionary measures, signal word, statements of hazard and NFPA information to communicate hazards to workers. Use these tags on drums, bottles or any containers in your workplace that hold hazardous chemicals or waste. Hazardous materials tags are made from high performance rigid PVC or adhesive vinyl materials. Tags can written on with pen, pencil or marker. Sold in packaged of 25 labels

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Brand: LEM


  • legend:
    NFPA 704 Diamond + Info + PPE Symbols | NFPA 704 Categories + PPE Symbols | Diamond | NFPA 704 Info + Checkboxes

  • size:
    5.875" X 4" | 5" X 3" | 4" X 1.5" | 7" X 4" | 3.5" X 2"

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