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Engraved Plastic Signs

Engraved Plastic Signs are UV Stable, Indoor/Outdoor application, with or without adhesive, Dielectric, High Heat Resistance, Flame Retardant, Non-Conductive, High Contrast, Multi types: phenolic, acrylic, HDPE, “lamacoid”, “bakelite”.  Suitable for applications such as: Nameplates, Relay & switch plates, Phenolic tags, Door signs, Control panel plates, Legend plates, Equipment tags and Valve tags.

  • UV resistant plastic material.
  • Permanent legend will not fade.
  • Available in many 2 color combinations.
  • Economical option for variable legends.
  • Rounded Corners.
  • 125” dia. mounting holes in each corner.
  • Material: Engraved Plastic (0.055” – 0.125”)
Brand: LEM

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