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The 5 Simple Steps of Calling Before You Dig

April is National Safe Digging Month in the United States, and it’s an opportunity to raise public awareness about the importance of safety when engaging in digging activities. Springtime marks the start of the digging season, so the initiative is aimed at encouraging individuals, companies, and organizations to “call before they dig” to help prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to underground utilities.

The 811 “Call Before You Dig” number was established in the United States in 2005 as a way to prevent accidental damage to underground utilities during construction projects. Prior to the implementation of this number, people had to call each individual utility company to determine the location of their underground lines. This was often a time-consuming process and resulted in numerous incidents of accidental damage to infrastructure. The implementation of the 811 number simplified the process, allowing individuals to make a single call to have all utility lines in the area of proposed excavation marked. The number quickly gained widespread use and has since been adopted by many other countries around the world as a best practice for excavation safety.

811 is a simple and effective way to help prevent damage to underground utilities, but following the guidelines is crucial to ensure it works correctly. Here are the five simple steps of calling before you dig.

  1. Call in advance: Be sure to call the hotline at least 48-72 hours before you intend to start digging to allow the utility companies enough time to mark the locations of their underground lines.
  2. Wait for confirmation: Wait for the utility companies to confirm that it’s safe to begin digging and ensure that all the markings are accurate.
  3. Respect the markings: Be sure to respect the markings provided by the utility company and dig only in the areas marked.
  4. Dig carefully: Use hand tools carefully when digging near the marked areas to prevent accidental damage.
  5. Spread Awareness: Share the importance of calling 811 among friends, family, and colleagues to promote safe digging across the community.

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