URD Tags

Underground Residential Transmission (URD) tags and kits are non-corrosive, tamper-resistant and permanent. They are constructed from PVC material and are available with and without self-laminating covers. These tags can be filled out with nothing more than a pen or a pencil which makes them easy to use. This makes for quick, easy and permanent marking and identification of underground cables in cable vaults, cable tunnels and conduits and other ancillary locations within the underground transmission network. Transformer boxes typically display high voltage labels but also have similar usage for URD tags.

  • Non-Corrosive.
  • Tamper resistant.
  • UV and Moisture resistant.
  • Accepts pen or pencil.
  • Kits sold in packages of 50 tags and 50 nylon ties.
  • Clear self-laminating cover option on select part numbers.
  • Applications: For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Material: Rigid PVC & HDPE
Brand: LEM

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