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Tabbed Reflective Numbers & Letters

Tabbed Reflective Numbers & Letters are ideal for use where high visibility is required in darkened areas or at night. They ensure important messages are communicated regardless of light conditions.

  • Tabbed along bottom edge allows label to easily be peeled away from liner for quick application.
  • High visibility reflective markers with optical lens elements enclosed in a transparent resin that has a smooth outer surface.
  • Similar appearance when viewed in the daylight or by retroreflective light at night.
  • Applications should be made at temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Greater viewing distance than Engineer Grade.
  • Material: High Intensity Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting

Meets ASTM D 4956 standard for Shrinkage, Flexibility, Liner Removal, Adhesion, Impact Resistance, Specular Gloss and Outdoor Weathering (Types III and IV).

Brand: LEM

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